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winter hair care and makeup tips

Hooray ! At last, my first post for my beauty blog ! Welcome everyone to the beginning of my beauty tips for hair ,grooming for men and makeup ..

The 20+ years of experience with a clientele, fashion magazines and being a platform artist for Loreal, have given me a wonderful education to write beauty blog. Below are some answers to questions my clients have asked.. please leave your comments or questions you have .


Q Why are my split ends so bad in the winter time ?and my hair look so blah?

A winter hair tends to get split because of dryness from the artificial heat in environments. The lack of moisture and humidity are a key factor …
Deep condition with KERASTASE or SHU UMERA deep conditioner. These products work best if you shampoo, blot out water with a towel, apply and comb through with a wide tooth comb from root to end. Twist hair on top of your head, cover with a shower cap. leave on for 20 + minutes . (for extra conditioning dampen a towel and micowave for 30 seconds , wrap on head ) It is best to get into a habit of getting out of the shower and doing something to occupy your time, multitask! These products are pricey but work and penetrate the cuticle layer of hair with body heat .

A It is time to get rid of the blahs, perhaps a new style? above your shoulders? Of course do your research and consult with your hair stylist , get some pictures of hair ideas. Hair reacts best in the winter for styling because of the lack of humidity which is an added plus for change. The importance of a getting even a healthy trim and or a color will go amazingly far into the end of the season ..


Q How can I change my look without looking trendy ?

A Men’s hair can be trendy , a good balance is taking one solid good thing from a trend .. wearing your hair with clean cut parameter and slightly longer crown with a part is very modern . use a little paste or gel like KERASTASE CAPITAL FORCE HAIR PASTE FOR HOMME or KERASTASE CAPITAL FORCE GEL FOR FINE HAIR for keeping your hair in place with some texture . Towel dry hair or blow-dry with fingers, a fingertip amount in your palms and rub together, then apply to hair.
It is important to know who you are and how far you can go .. consider these things with your stylist . change does not have to be drastic but the small changes can make you feel more confident at any age.


Q How can I look more sun kissed in the winter but not overly orange ? I don”t want to look overdone ..

A Tinted Moisturizer’s are great because they have added moisture when your skin is dry . This product also creates a soft , supple appearance on the skin . My favorite brands are LAURA MERCIER, BOBBI BROWN and NUETROGENA ,
Oily skin : tinted moisturizers can be too oily and heavy , like mine I use an oil free foundation like NARS OR MAC and mix oil free face lotion on the back of my hand then apply. I customize it .
Remember to allow your skin to dry first then apply bronzing powder with a large dome brush ..Spectrum Bronzing discs are wonderful, they tend to have more of a natural finish. They made up of different tones in the skin and vary to where you are on the color spectrum . My favorite brands Guerlain , Channel , Makeup Forever , Benefit , Nars , Mac


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