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Summertime Styling and Beauty Tips

Summer Styling & Beauty Tips

Q What good does the summer sun do for my hair ??
A The truth ? The sunrays are so much stronger now and get a bad rap. The sun has valuable vitamin D, sparks up your blood flow and gives your hair natural highlights.
Q How can I wear my long hair without looking messy ?
A Summer hair styles should be less fussy and closer to your head, twisted , braided buns are the trend and  look super fashionable with lighter clothing ..
Q Hey there Men are you ready for the summer take down?
A A more tapered line to your cut,  less products are a vacation for your hair. The Look is fresh and youthful and compliments summer fashion. Try to wear less hats and allow your scalp to breathe. Getting a scalp massage is relaxing, stimulates blood flow and promotes hair growth.
Q What are the sun kissed makeup looks for Summer 2013?

A If you don’t want sun on your face, but love the glow? Use your favorite foundation or try a tinted moisturizer. Next step  use a spectrum  bronzer powder with a large dome brush to set your makeup. These discs are are skin toned with various shadings, use as your replacement to blush or use in place of foundation. You will look naturally tanned without worrying about sun damage. My favorite spectrum disc is by Guerlain, called the four seasons bronzer.  Pricey at $75, but a winner in quality. A descent knockoff is a Matisse bronzer disc that is sold at Ricky’s beauty store at the counter. My favorite location is the original store located at Broadway and Grand street in lower Manhattan.

A Lipgloss for summer 2013 range in bright reds and corals … Wear them translucent not so concentrated for day  with a nude lip color underneath. My favorites velvet matte pencil that are like lipsticks is NARS, colors: Sex machine and Bahama. NARS lipgloss is Giza , Cruella
A Go out and enjoy the sun after 2 pm for an 1 hour or so  then go in the shade you will still get the benefits of and beauty that the summer gives us !

Here are some summer hair maintenance tips :

  • Wash your hair less and tie up your long hair, braids wrapped on damp hair create a bun on the side of your neckline with a far side part . A messy bun or updo is so much sexier than overstyled looks.
  • For shorter styles , like the shaggy bobs I adore, I wear the hair with a 3/4 part above your brow line, drape your sides where the rest natural .. The style is in the cut ..
  • A great product for a natural dry:
  • Mixture of Moroccan oil hydrating cream ( about the size of a quarter ) and a dab of moroccan oil light ..put on damp hair and comb through from root to ends .
  • If you have fine straight hair , consider going for a shorter cut .  A super stylish long blunt cut to the base of your neck , with some highlights is a great change and makes blow drying a breeze , hair looks stronger in texture too .

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