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Spring Is Here


Spring is a season that represents the beginning of new life , Hint..? Change ?

The most recurrent trend is bangs this season, ? Bangs or fringe can look super cool and look super modern ..they can also make you look like your 12years old .. not sure ?
There are two types of bangs:
-the non committal ones that grow into your layers and can be worn swept off to the side (my personal favorite ) virtually most clients can attempt this look successfully with little to no attempt at the perfect blow-dry .
-the straight across bang which are my favorite when the client is tall, soft , below the collarbone length hair , no cowlicks and a sense of fashion … These bangs require an upkeep of trimming , blow-dry and confidence . Yes a lot of requirements…..kind of .
Try this fun trick and tie your hair on top of your hair , take the edges of your ponytail and brush them along your forehead .. you can get a very good idea of what it would be like to have bangs ..
Please remember as an aside but definitely true that “Bangs are cheaper than botox”! Try them , they are an exciting step for change , modern and great if you don”t want to lose the length on your hair .

The Metro Man Skinny an Sideburns

Yes, guys .. all men should have side burns . the general length I like on my male clients is a nice tapered line to the “tragus “part of the ear … that is in the front middle nub , center of the ear .. Use your beard trimmer with put your index finger a little below to guide you for a straight line . if you happen to have patchy side burns make them as long as the hair grows . The no side burn looks very 1980″s and make some guys look bloated or uptight .. side burns sculpt the cheek bone line and are nice finish to a well balanced haircut.

Defining the Line on Lipliner

There are so many cool reds for spring . However fashion and reality can be met by creating a more wearable everyday shade . Try using a nude lip liner, fill the entire lip and add a ruby gloss for day. This will create a more translucent shade . For evening, mix a blue red lip liner lightly and add a more nude peachy  gloss for a more vibrant yet modern red . Prevent lip color by smearing by using just a dab of gloss . Letting it settle or dabbing with a tissue  .

My favorite lipliners are CHANEL and MAC , they are not too dry or chalky , my favorite glosses range from NARS,CHANEL  to NEUTROGENA, RIMMEL.. this is my personal favorite .. RIMMEL is a more expensive drugstore brand made in London.. , now available in the USA


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