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Q. What are the hair trends for women, Fall 2013? What look is not trendy but up to date ?

A. Hair should not be trendy but modern. This is a different concept since a great haircut can be easily converted to the right change without a lot of stress. A beautiful modern shape is blunt to the collarbone with sweeping layers that frame the face and beveled ends. The weight is taken out of the ends for softer parameter. This creates the flexibility to wear it smooth with movement or wavy .

  • Another great length is to the base of the neck blunt cut .. Very chic and can be be texturized with long or short layers .
  • Remember many changes can be done in th styling process too, hair has become fuller with more movement .  Hair condition with a clear gloss for added shine .

And my favorite product for Blowdry with movement is Kerstase boucles d’art fixation flexible hold sculpting cream


Q. Should men over 35 yrs old have super short sides and longer crown for fall?

A. I do love this shape on the men who are super style conscience. It can be a bit trendy but I find if the right products are used and a side part is made, combing it in place creates a more tailored clean look, modern classic.
However, one has to be careful that too much product is not used on the hair. It does not look untouchable or stiff. My favorite gel is by kerastase pour Hommme Capital Force strong hold gel mixed with molding mud. A great haircut should always enhance your features and a good stylist will always be conscience of how far they can go with your length.

For my men with thinning hair or balding issues, a shadow of hair that is shingled by scissor is less severe looking than with a buzzer. The shape is more tailored to the crown and slowly fades into nape. A trimmer is used for the parameter and shaping sideburns for detail cutting. My product of choice is Shu Umera Frame Wax for shine


Men and women should be mindful of sudden hair loss, excessive oil, dandruff, redness and sores on the scalp. The normal amount of shedding is 50 to 80 hairs a day.

Be proactive and visit to dermatologist, or a Trichologist (scalp specialist) and follow a simple regime for healthy hair .

  • A diet of with nuts, sardines, oysters, dark green vegetables like spinach, kale and seaweed are rich with vitamins biotin, iron and zinc for hair.
  • Scalp massages with conditioners or scalp treatments increase the blood flow.  Rinse hair with cool water for shine.  My favorite shampoos are Kerastase, Shu Umera, Aveda and Philip Kingsley .
  • Philip Kingsley Trichological clinic are scalp specialists.  A consultation is a great investment that will educate you and treat your scalp issues

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